Cherished Pet Cremations

Regency provides service between Houston, San Antonio and Austin, Texas.

Regency is known for bringing together the most highly respected family-owned businesses and supporting them with our focus on technology, transparency, premium service, and the continuity of compassionate care.

Established in 2015, Cherished Pet Cremations, a family-owned and operated business, has met the needs of pet owners in and around the Houston Metro area for more than six years, and the team comes from a long family history of Pet Cremation & Cemeteries dating back to 1979. Dennis and Gail Mastny, partners of the highly respected Craig Road Pet Cemetery and Crematory in Las Vegas, partnered with Regency in 2019. Both have stayed on with Regency to run the operations and ensure continued success.

Most recently, Regency acquired Treasured Paws, also located in the Houston area. The veterinarians and pet families from Treasured Paws will now be serviced through our Cherished Pet Cremations care center.

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Our Services:


Regency provides private and communal cremation services. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and exemplary standard of operation with every pet cremation. 

Grief Counseling and Support

It can help to have a trusted resource who has experience helping people through this challenging time. You can turn to our professionals for compassion, support, and guidance at any time.

Virtual Viewings

In lieu of in-person viewings we now offer pet families the opportunity to participate safely while experiencing their beloved pet’s aftercare services.

Memorial Products

Whether an urn, a piece of jewelry, or a keepsake object, a memorial product can help keep the spirit of your beloved pet close to you.

Compassion Fatigue Seminars

 Designed for veterinary staff members to learn the importance of recognizing the signs and providing proven preventative and recovery steps.


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Pet Memorial

Celebrate your cherished companion’s life by sharing your thoughts, feelings and memories on our online pet memorial.

About Regency

Regency is the leading pet aftercare services provider in the United States. Serving pet families and partnering with veterinarians across the country. We provide continuity of compassionate care through premium service, transparency, and technology. Regency has expanded rapidly into new markets, advanced total service delivery through certified industry leading operators, and continues to innovate in order to provide the best services, value and care to families at their time of need.

Regency team members are dedicated entirely to veterinary professionals, pet families, and pets. Through funding pet aftercare studies, partnering with leading advocates in veterinary medicine, research, and technology we are able to deliver the best continuity of premium service to all. 

Regency is an official partner of HABRI (Human-Animal Bond Research Institute).

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