For Veterinarians

As a trusted veterinarian, you need to know that the providers you refer
your clients to will uphold the same rigorous standards and ethics that you do.


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And when it comes to helping clients address the aftercare needs of a beloved pet, you need complete confidence that every part of the process will be handled with utmost compassion and respect.

By partnering with Regency, you will be placing your clients in the care of invested experts whose mission rests on consistently delivering service that is ethical, reliable and humane. We are exceedingly professional, yet humble and compassionate. Our resources are nationwide and our technology state-of-the-art, yet our presence is local and our approach is deeply personalized. We have built a highly respected network of care centers that value integrity, honesty and empathy. We honor the trust that is placed in us, and take great pride in becoming your valued partner.

Our Services Include:

Staff Training

You and your staff are often the first point-of-contact when the upsetting news of a pet death must be delivered. Empower your staff with knowledge of the best way to help clients come to terms with losing a beloved pet. We offer a wealth of resources, from online and in print references to onsite training, so your staff will be equipped to compassionately support and guide grieving families when they need it most.

Tracking Services

Our state-of-the-art tracking system offers an integrated online system for streamlining and monitoring pet aftercare services. A proprietary identification tag stays with each pet throughout our care and is returned to the respective family with their cremated remains. This innovative and comprehensive online tracking system, as well as our practice of employing only certified crematory operators, represent our commitment to achieving the highest level of accuracy, transparency and accountability for pet aftercare.

Viewing and Visitation

Some of your clients may wish to be close to their pets as they say their final goodbyes. For those clients who prefer to bid farewell to their cherished pet in a private setting with family and/or close friends, some of our locations offer viewing and visitation services. These services provide a time and space for gathering together in ceremony to share a meaningful goodbye.


Cremation is a sacred experience. We are honored to have a role in transitioning your clients’ pets through this journey, and adhere to a strict code of ethics and exemplary standards of operation with every pet cremation. Regardless of the service chosen, you and your clients can rest assured every pet in our care will be looked after personally and handled in a respectful, compassionate and dignified manner.


Private Cremation

For clients choosing private cremation, their pet will be the only creature present during the cremation process. When the process is complete, they will receive the cremated remains as a permanent keepsake. All of our aftercare partners utilize an advanced tracking system to give clients additional peace of mind that the remains they receive are those of their pet.


Communal Cremation

Treasured pets will be gently placed into the crematory together. Rather than returning any pet’s cremated remains to the families, the communal remains are collected and will be scattered in a beautiful, private setting.


Equine Cremation

Some of our locations are equipped to provide cremation for horses and other large animals. If needed, we can arrange for transportation of the horse or large pet to one of our facilities.

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Memorial products

Your clients may find that having a memorial product, whether an urn, a piece of jewelry or a keepsake object, helps keep the spirit of their beloved pet close to them. We offer a collection of products that your clients may find a fitting tribute to the life they have shared with their pets.

Onsite Interment

Should your clients wish to find a final resting place for their pet in a private, landscaped sanctuary, some of our locations provide the option of onsite burial. While the specifics of our specially designed cemeteries vary from location to location, every burial ground offers the option of a dignified service and a beautiful setting that pet parents can visit as often as they like.

Grief Counseling and Support

Losing a pet can be one of the greatest challenges a person faces in life. This animal is a family member, a companion, a source of unconditional love and often, a best friend. It can help to have a trusted resource who has experience helping people through this challenging time. Your clients can turn to our professionals for compassion, support and guidance at any time.

Regency’s commitment to transparency, quality of care, and absolute integrity are evident by their IAOPCC-Certified care centers in major markets across the United States.

Team members at Regency are genuine, creative and proactive, and will always go the extra mile to solve an issue or make someone’s day. It’s the difference between a positive experience and an exceptional one.